Inner Insight

 Meditation, Intuitive Development, Spiritual Awareness & Healing

Clairvoyant Program I & II

Clairvoyant Program
The Clairvoyant Program is a 13 month spiritual training program. The first month expands upon the information learned in the foundational class, Meditation and Healing, and focuses on learning how to read clairvoyantly, using a structured format. Students continue to read throughout the program, in addition to classes on a variety of spiritual topics.

Reading, in conjunction with the classes, students continually explore and expand, becoming progressively more capable and focused over the course of the program. In addition, students will learn a number of energetic healings supplementing the aura healings taught in the introductory class.

Classes are held once a week, for approximately 2 hours, with the opportunity for additional practice.

Tuition: $200 per month

Graduate Clairvoyant Program

Upon completion of the Clairvoyant Program at Inner Insight, or any other BPI type clairvoyant program, graduate clairvoyant classes ranging from 4 to 8 weeks, focus and explore more deeply on particular topics including those touched upon in the 13 month Clairvoyant Program.

The Graduate Program offers a year of classes including Relationship, Male/Female Communication, Women's Wellness, Astral, Kundalini, Your Own Birth and Advanced Chakras. 
Continued Clairvoyant Reading is a part of, and precedes each class. The readings are no longer based on a structured format, being more "free-form", contributi`ng to further expansion of each students awareness and growth.

Readings and "lecture" are held one day each week, for 3 hours.

For more information please email: or call 303 232 9252