Inner Insight

 Meditation, Intuitive Development, Spiritual Awareness & Healing

Beginning Classes

Meditation and Healing

Meditation and Healing is our 4-week introductory class that teaches simple and effective techniques to explore and discover your innate intuitive and healing abilities. You will learn to create a space of awareness to begin to access your own spiritual information and truth; be introduced to the spiritual energy system, including the aura, chakras and energy channels; given tools for grounding, energetic protection and clearing your physical and spiritual bodies. In addition, you will be introduced to and work with guides, as well as learn to heal yourself and others by creating change within the energy system.  Attention is given to choice and more consciously creating the future. With continued practice, awareness expands and can become a part of your daily experience. This class shows how to redefine, reclaim and renew your space and offers guidance to increased awareness, growth, peace, healing and ability to create.

Next Class begins:
Check Back January, 2018

Tuition: $200

For more information, or to enroll in this class please call 303 584 5992 or email

Intuitive Meditation

Intuitive Meditation is guided meditation class introducing basic tools to enhance health, well-being and find clearer contact with natural intuitive abilities, discovering that inner light of spirit.

Students learn; to focus awareness and work with energy, defining a personal space with boundaries; about grounding, the aura, major chakras and human energy system; techniques for self healing and change.

Intuitive Meditation offers simple tools that, when incorporated into a regular practice, can improve and enrich the quality of life experience.

Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing applies and expands upon what was practiced in Intuitive Meditation. Particpants will be guided to experience more in depth their intuitive abilities, increasing communication and understanding of their own spiritual information. This class also offers; additional self-healing techniques; basics of aura healing; introduction to and work with a spirit guide; using intuitive skills to create change and to manifest.

Intuitive Meditation is the pre-requisite for Intuitive Healing and the completion of both allows entry into the Clairvoyant Program.