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Additional Programs

Women’s Spiritual Wellness I, II & III
Women’s Spiritual Wellness is a series of three, 5 to 6 week classes to become more aware of and increase appreciation for your unique energies and creative abilities as a woman. Using your clairvoyance and psychic tools, you will; learn; techniques to manage and direct your female energy and explore the difference between male and female energies and how they express and relate. 
With permission to give to yourself, you clear a space for wellness, peace and focused intention. As you begin to master this energy, you will heal, find more certainty and create experience that you want and can use to give and receive in healthy ways.
Your female creative energy is one of the most powerful energies on the planet and learning to work with this energy creates a graceful inner space, that becomes a reflection of your daily life.
In a safe and sacred space for women, bring together your truth and information as a spirit with your female depth and wisdom

For further information please call 303 232 9252 or email

Advanced Healing

Advanced Healing is a 6-month program to re-define your healing space and bring it into present time. We will look at: agreements, karma, invalidation and seniority in relation to your role as a healer; chakras and their associated body systems; how spirit and body work together; the astral space.

We believe that physical imbalance has it's root in spiritual imbalance and during this program you will be introduced to specialized healings that address particular areas of distress. The healings you will learn and have the opportunity to practice include; cellular healings, cobalt blue healings, ring healings and astral body healings.

Minimum Prerequisite:  Completion of Inner Insight's Clairvoyant Program or other similar B.P.I. type program.

Spiritual Leadership

This program is about owning your crown and spiritual information and expressing that in the world.
We explore and clear the energy of the past, bringing your accumulated wisdom and truth as a spiritual leader into present time. You will more define your leadership space and explore new tools, learning to set and hold a vibrational space of intention for your spiritual message and voice.

Spiritual Leadership is a 5-month, once a week program and can be preparation for teacher training or an additional month of classes qualifies you to become a Minister of the Church of Inner Insight. 

Prerequisite: Completion of at least 1 year of Clairvoyant Training.

As the healer, the focus of this program is to heal yourself. You will rebuild your body of light, chakra by chakra and clear the communication between your physical body and spiritual body, learning to touch spiritually. Spiritual touch heals. 

Our Hands-on-Healing Program is 18 months, divided into three, 6-month sessions. Each month includes an in depth class, followed by 3 healing clinics to practice and expand upon what was covered during the class.

To enroll, you must have completed the one year Clairvoyant Program from Inner Insight or other equivalent B.P.I. type training.

One to One
A 15-month ( one session per month ) program creating a one to one connection between body and spirit.

The space is the threshold, the transitional point between our understanding of time/space and the infinite. One to one explores your universe at this most neutral point, between your last incarnation and your present life. 
For more information please contact us.