Inner Insight

 Meditation, Intuitive Development, Spiritual Awareness & Healing


Inner Insight offers classes and services in meditation, spiritual awareness, intuitive development and healing. Our instructors have a depth of experience to assist in navigating the paths our classes and programs provide. 

The spiritual path is sometimes described as a journey to discover one's true identity. This finding of one's true self can be considered contact with one's God-source, one's inner light that is a birth right.

Along the way to findng that light or tangible connnection, most people must move through, explore and seek to understand inner material to have awareness of the spiritual reality that is reflected in life. Often the journey toward one's spiritual destination is to learn what it means to be human, to appreciate that and to expand, becoming a more full and complete being.

The training at Inner Insight is designed to guide you to becoming more spiritually integrated, as you discover and follow your own unique path.

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